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                        We have sucessfully implemented an online API based Dutching software.


The software has been LAUNCHED finally!!


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We are a very professional and successful UK Horse racing consultants and Tipster based in the midlands area. We are the sole owners of the following business websites -



We do not consider horse racing betting as a gamblers game. We take it as a very serious, dedicated and honest profession. We do Investment rather than Gambling on horses by taking all the elements of risk out the equation. All our clients including us benefits from it and suceeds in making a daily consistant profits through our unique Tipping and consultancy services.


We have our own exclusive range unique rating systems and tools in place which generates and provide us with the Top highly rated horses in every race. With support of all our Real time market based systems, statistical analysis and strategies we predict and spot the winners just before the race. All the factors like horses past performances, figures - speed, power, ratings, jockey, trainer, course, distance and going, etc are also taken into consideration.


We are so confident and  proud in our methods and tipping service that you wont be disappointed in trying us. We takes the customers satisfaction and positive feedback as our pride and thats the only key to our success.


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