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                         We have sucessfully implemented an online API based Dutching software.


The software has been LAUNCHED finally!!


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Our services can make you all consistant profits on a daily basis just investing on few races or few hours every afternoon or evening with us!


Our services are mainly and purely based on DUTCHING in the Win market. We also provide the Tips for place market in nearly every race. Our current system strike rate is over 65%, Yes!! you have read it right, over 65% which is considered to be excellent in the horse racing industry and you can get a very good Return on Investment on a daily and consistant basis.


We ourselves invest on the same races every day along with our clients so we work extra hard to pick and spot the sure bet winners for all of us. So your money will be placed exactly where our money would be.


Our proven selection methods are based on the LIVE market indicators and pointers which means that we predict and spot the winners in the Real Time just before the race. we follow some strict rules, parameters, signs or very last minute market movements and indications, etc and closely filters the top best rated horses who has got the best possible ability and chance of winning.


We believe that there are many other different key factors which can effect any strong/outside horse to Win, Place or lose and that can only be indentified in the real time just before the race.


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