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We offer 6 different types of Horse Racing Services to all the members.


  • Dutch Service


(Notice :- Good News!! We have resumed our most sucessfull Dutching Investment system/Software from Feb 2013.


               We have sucessfully implemented an online API based Dutching software.


The software has been LAUNCHED finally!!


Please click on to the link below to redirect onto our Software page


All paid members will have the access to our online Dutching Application. All the Selections will be generated and displayed in our application. Its as easy as simple is.



All our tips are worked out in the Real time environment. We provide the same tips to all our Clients and it comes with the same package.


We spot the winners in the following Horse racing markets and therefore we sends our Tips in two parts -


1 - Dutch - Horse to win in a WIN market.
2 - Place - Horse(s) to win in a PLACE market. (p.s - place market - If any of the   horses   came in top 3 positions depending on the no. of runners  in the race then we win our place bet


How we give away our Tips -


We provide the simplest and far most easiest way of sharing our Tips.


Due to the nature of our Tipping service we will not be able to send you the tips of this service through sms/email as there could be a chance of network delay or you might not receive it in time.


So to make things simple and transparent you have to be with us in the real time during the racing events in order to get all our Tipping selections instant.


We invite all our clients on a FREE online chat conference (i.e - skype, yahoo, msn messenger, etc). We do all the ground work for you and once our tips are ready we give away our Tips instantly to all our clients in a common chat window just before the races.


P.S - We send our Tips atleast 10 minutes before each race so you have plenty of time to place your bets with your preffered bookmakers.



  • Sms Service - This is a very 'High Profile Sophisticated' Service.


Members will get around 2-4 daily exclusive horse tips via sms/email. It also includes 7-8 NAP bets in a month. All tips will be sent out by 11:30 am UK time.


Members will also get any late information by sms.


Horse tip will contain - points stake advised, win or each way bet, track name/time, name of the runner.


This is a very high profile sms service, Please email us if you would like to view all our past results for this service. Due to the Sensitivity of the info! we are not publishing the full results on our website.


Hurry up! and book your early places in!!


For prices please contact us.





  • NAP (daily) ServiceIn this service you will get around 1-2 daily platinum/NAP bets by email/sms. You will get the winning Strike Rate of around 45% on a monthly basis. (p.s - these bets are straight win tips)


For prices please contact us.



  • Big Dark Black horse bets - In this service you will get around 4-8 big priced dark horse tips in a month. All the members will be notified few hours in advance by email. Members need to pay us seperately if they would like to get involved on these black horse tips.These bets can come any day of the month so please drop your email ID and contact details if you would like to be informed in the future.


For prices please contact us.



  • Place bets Service - In this service you will get Tips on the horses to win in the "Place Market". We will have a lot of Place bets on a daily basis, probably on every single race of the day.


For prices please contact us.




  • Elite Lay Service - In this service you will get around 5-10 daily Lay tips through email latest by 12:30 pm UK time (this means you are betting on the horse to LOSE - which you will need to do on a betting exchange such as Betfair).

  •  Most of our selections are 'favourites' and therefore they generally go off at short prices.

  •  We aim to achieve a strike rate of 75% and on a average we produce about 10+ points profits on a weekly basis after taking all betfair commissions out. 


For prices/results please contact us.








We also specialise in handling the Horse racing Investment services on behalf of our Clients who are interested in Investing with us and hasn't got enough time. We have got the excellent deals and offers for those racing enthusiast who wants to Invest and make a big money from this Lucrative Horse Racing Industry. We work on a % (percentage) basis.


We also do the LIVE trading Investments on other few sporting events like Cricket, Tennis, etc which helps us in boosting our overall Income BIG time.


Please contact us for further information.



Rules -


we follow some basic simple rules which has given us and our clients both the phenomenal and outstanding success rate and an excellent return on Investment. Again you are not obliged to use these rules but it could be useful to you if you follows them.


Please Contact us if you are interested or would like to know more about our services. We are available most of the time and are waiting to answer all your queries. You can contact us anytime by phone, email, free online interactive chat or just send us a call back form and we will call you back!































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