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All our clients are earning the regular, steady stress-free profits by Investing on the UK horse racing events with us.                                                          


Here is what a few of them have to say about our elite Industries Best Consultancy & Tipping services.             




From: "Steve"

Subject: My Testimonial
Date: Jul 29, 2009 21:57

Hello Gurkamal,

As promised I am sending you my testimonial and if you feel good you can put this up on your website.

"Excellent!! Superb!! Totally outstanding!!! A Stunning day I have had with 22 wins and just 2 losses, I am very pleased with your Tips and consultancy services. When I called in I was a bit skeptical about the strike rate but I thought lets give it a try as the truth will be revealed soon but I was shocked on my first day so many winners. Second day same results mostly all the win and place bet were the winners. It has been a week now and I have always made the consistent profit on a daily basis. His advises on every race are just excellent. I like the concept and he really works very hard to find the winners before the race as he says. He totally changed my betting style and I feel more confident with him when I bet on races.

Please give him a try he is worth every penny!!!!

Please never stop your service, I am glad I have found the real deal atlast.

Thanks and All the best."

Steve, UK



From: "Rash"

Subject: Testimonial for Gurkamal Basra
Date: Aug 3, 2009 17:47

Hello Gurkamal,

I have been betting on horses for few years now. Since joining I have followed your tips and advises religiously and invested on nearly every race with you and I am pleasantly surprised with the results and winners. I have only been a member for few months now and I can see the long-term business relationship between us.. All I know is If I follows your advise seriously and stick to the basics and not get too greedy then I would be in a Profit. Your consultation service and comments on every race is just amazing, you have got the real wealth of knowledge and information in this Industry. I like the way you closely evaluate every race and advise us not to INVEST in the risky races. I simply love your 'Place Bets' and I am very happy to try and got involved with you and your company.

Keep up the good work.

Thank You,

Rash, India



From: "C Palin"
Subject: Re: Today's Result Summary - 4 August 2009
Date: Aug 5, 2009 13:36

Hi Gurkamal.
I wanted to drop you a polite email, to thank you for your brilliant service. I have literally used and tried so many so called systems etc, that have all honestly not been worth the paper they were written on. You can go and see on my ebay page my ID lot4475 to show the evidence of how many things I have tried. Now I have seen the real deal in your service AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy.
Its defiantly going to makes lots of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again
Kind Wishes

From: "Mark"
Subject: Testamonial
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 19:31:42 +0100

this tipping service is absolutely top drawer. I have only been using the services for 4 days. I work full time currently and to accomodate me he supplied tips during the evening races. I only did about an hour a night & he picked so many winners it was ridiculous.I have placed bets on 20 races so far & 13 have won.  Tonight we did 6 races & every single one of them won.So i quit while i was ahead which he encourages u to do.  Some of the races had more than one win also as he uses a combination of winners and place bets.
The guy also phoned me at the beginning to help me get started. He really is a true pro & u cant fail to make a profit.
He will also send u an update at the end of every single day that shows the win/loss ratio.

Mark, Belfast



From: "Sanyo"

To: "gurkamal" <>
Subject: Testimonial
Date: Aug 21, 2009 20:24

Hi Gurkamal,

I am very impressed by you and your service! I tried lots of different tipsters and betting systems. But none were profitable in the long run. I am convinced that this service is the REAL thing which will be highly profitable in months and years to come! Even though I am a small stake better at the moment, you are helping and supporting me with any questions and issues that may occur. The communication is outstanding! Anybody who wants to finally profit from horse racing should try your service as it is really worth every penny you demand! I am really grateful I found your service and I am very confident to build up my betting bank to become a high bankroller in the next couple of months. So far really every session was profitable and you taught me lots of things to bet profitable. Thanks so much for your help!

Best regards,

Sanyo, Germany.



From: "Johnson Lee"

Subject: My testimonial
Date: Oct 10, 2009 13:03

Hi man,just to drop you a testimonial for your horseracingconsultant service..

Well,since i joined your service, what i've seen so far is that you delivered what you said at the beginning.
The strike rate is good,so is the advice you gave with a cautious approach to all the races,which is for me very important factor to profit from horse racing.

I particularly impress with the races that you choose to involve in,as majority of the selected horses ran well,so it defintely prove to a point that you know which horse is the real deal in the selected races, although some of them didn't won their races,which i can understand this as nobody can give you a 100% SR as horse racing is too broad of variables as a sports.

So far until now for all the 4 days that i'm with you, i've archieve the promised 5-10% profit daily and i believe it will only get better in the future.Although i'm running a small bank with it now and the profit is certainly not some very impressive amount of money,but i'm glad that i've found your service because for the strike rate and profit target that you've got as a system,i know that i'm going to be the winner in long-term,and this is what everyone is looking for.For what you've been done in the past couple of days,i'm getting more and more confident now.

Result is good,the overall quality is high..most important i'm satisfied.
So a thumbs up definitely reserved for you..Good job man,nice one!

Johnson Lee,




From: "Sanyo"

Subject: Testimonial
Date: Dec 3, 2009 11:26

Hi Gurkamal,

Thanks again for letting me part of yesterday's race! You always deliver what you promise! Even though the odds drifted considerably, I was able to win almost 1000 Euro! I am looking forward to use your services for a long time! Your service is the only one which performs every time as promised. It is not working, then it is because of my own faults. Patience is king!


Sanjo, Germany/Japan







Dear Basra ,


I thank you for your service, deeply appreciate the support you have rendered so far.i am thrilled to bet even further & this has happened after a long time. I had lost great money, all hopes by trying out  experienced consultants; but all gave me mostly promises & majority losses in its name. It was sheer insistence of a friend to give u a try before I gave up betting for gud.                

Your accuracy was initially difficult for me to believe, but I have no reason to doubt your skills or consultation now. Id like to share this with all u readers going thru my testimonial. This guy does not over promise like most other guys I tried, until I found him. It has totally thrilled me to have earned this kind of profits, consistently over the last 2months. This has come to me when I expected it the least, especially both basketball bets. Gurkamal I take this pleasure to applaud your honesty & commitment. The 2black horses bet recovered me most losses I incurred in the last quarter. Keep up ur gud work.

U certainly have a long way to go. If u continue to work in the same way. I hope u do.

All- we happy clients, have our expectations set even higher. So ur work shud only get better being appreciated this way.


M sure I can look forward to similar winnings even in the future with u.


Great luck


God Bless!






Hi Gurkamal Basra,


I would like to thank and appreciate your Top notch world class service and consultancy. I would not beat round the bush but your tips and system are simply the best!!!! the biggest one we have had was on Cheltenham festival 2010 - 40/1 winner, this has just blown my head offf of excitment..... i have never ever had thought about wining 40/1 on a single race and be honest i was very skeptical when u sent us the tip and i didnt followed ur advised stake.. i just put 50 each way... and made a whoooopinggg profit of 2500, i had never earned this much money in a single day from anywhere with staking just 100....your daily DUTCH system is just like a sky-rocket.....or the key to a profit safe..i have been using it for few months and never had a loosing month ever...both your services (sms + daily dutch) are excellent and i am glad i have found you finally (though from the referral of my old mate). this guy is a top notch and a great human a time of writing.. we just won 1 PLACE BET, i am so confident on all his services that i can stake with my closed eyes.....i hope this testimonial would help the new comers or racing and sports enthusiast in making the RIGHT decision by joining this X-class service. just give him a try and take all his advises seriously and you woudnt regret.....i do not have no job due to so called hard hit recesion but now i am earning more than i used to earn in a full time job with this service....i am a conservative pro punter.... i never thought i could be a pro sports investor but now i can proudly say that....


thanks Gurkamal for letting me joining in, you are simply the best.. and i am luking forward for making more money with you in the future....


Please please please give him a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


feeel free to put my few words of appreciation on ur website column.


later mate!



London. UK




Hello Mr Basra...


sorry for dropping my thanks email very late.. i was busy spending all the profit money which we have made i love shoping!!!! cheltenham festival tips just rockeddddddd with flying colours...i couldnt imagine my eyes..when our horse romped the show... beaten the fav and all the other 23 runners...thank you very much for having me your exclusive cheltenham tips....@40/1


I truely love ur service and system, since i have joined i have always made a daily profit..i only invest with him for few hours daily in the afternoon..and have all the day with me for, he runs couple of very sucessful service.. i am on his daily dutch system... i enjoys it daily.. its like money printing machine lol....till date the overall strike rate is more than 70% + thats amazng.....if you are considering trying his services then give a and dont waste time in siting waiting and thinking....i think he charges reasonably less price, you will realise what i am saying is right.. after u see the potential and performance.. i am defo gona be one of his permanent clients.....


this week i have started using his sms service and so far we have had 4 out of 7 winner....which is superb!!!


thanks man for ur tips....god bless... i am only luking at my growing bank week in week out!!!!









From: "David"
Subject: Testimonial
Date: Sat, 17 April 2010 13:31:42 +0100

Dear Gurkamal,


My comments on your excellent Service!


I have been using your Daily Dutch service since March 24th 2010, I run your service like a business and spend few hours in the evening typing all the days performance and info onto my laptop. I have lost nearly 150,000 in the last 4 years by joining so called tipsters and bettng on nearly every sport and had actually given up betting for last 10 months before one of my mate highly recommended your services, he even showed me his betting P/L accounts which he had with your X-Rated horse racing services, i was stunned! At a very reasonable subscription I decided to give it a go, as they say and i never looked back ever since!


I am a pensioner and have some health problems so i cannot commit consistently on a daily basis... i then handed over my betfair accounts to Mr Gurkamal, to invesment on my behalf and he is doing a smashing job, i was right of giving him charge, as he invest on other sport as well, he has got an immense knowledge, betting info on horses + occassional sport bets..all I do is sit aside and check all the profits coming in on a weekly basis..


I can proudly say that "It is possible to earn your living by betting on horses", it was never possible before i joined his services...


So thank you Gurkamal, all the best, may the winning weeks and months continue.


David, UK




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "William Easton"

To: "Gurkamal" <>
Subject: Testimonial
Date: May 16, 2010 13:48

Dear Gurkamal,

After quite a few years betting on horses I decided to give your consultant service a try.  Well after only two weeks I am pleasantly surprised with the results.  Although early days, I am up over 400 to date and only playing 30 dutch and 10 place.  Results are fantastic, not only for the high rolllers but also for the small investors.  For anyone thinking about joining, go for it!

Looking forward to a long lasting, winning, partnership.

Kind regards,

Billy, Ireland




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "L B"
Sect: Testimonial
Date: Jun 27, 2010 20:02





To any one reading this, the Horse Racing Consultant does what its says on the tin!!!


Ive been with Gurka for just under a month and his strike rate is mightily impressive,


I actually dont feel like im gambling, its more like investing to be honest.


There is also a variety of bets, from dutching, place & win bets and football, so theres something for everyone


My one account has gone up by a third in one week alone


And to be fair to him , he offers advise as well


Keep it up mate.well done


L. B




---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Melvyn Batchelor"

Subject: Testimonial
Date: Sep 5, 2010 08:21

Dear Gurkamal

Just like to say how happy I am with your service. In the past weeks I have been delighted with the tips you have sent me with winners nearly every day with odds up to 14/1. I have never made so much money betting for many many years. So glad I came across your web site. Please keep up the great work and sending me such wonderful tips.

All the best from Phuket Thailand..

Mel Batchelor





---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Eirik"

Subject: Testimonial
Date: Oct 10, 2010 21:20

Hi Gurkamal,


here`s a little review of my experience with your service.


First of all I`d like to say that I`m very satisfied with all that comes with the service.

The honesty is outstanding, the quick replies to questions, the immediate effort which is made if I need so me help and above them all, the very good results, which are the most important thing of course because no service is good if the results arent good. But thats not the case here, the results are fantastic and very consistent.

We hit 14/1, 18/1 and even 20/1 winners and not only for once, we hit them many times.

Of course we didnt hit them every day, that would be too good to be true and everyone should know its all about long term profits and you never can win all bets but this service provides very consistent winning bets and thats the best you can get from a service.

The horse winning bets are class, the to be placed bets are spot on too and even the football bets, mainly asian handicap bets, are with a very high strike rate and always with value odds. No silly bets with odds of 1.20 or some other low odds which I could pick every day by myself. No no, good tips with good odds and as consistent hitting winners as the horses.


All in all I can absolutely recommend this service and can say I`m very glad that I can be a part of it and make steady profit with it.


Thanks for all and keep the winners coming,



Eric, Germany




From: Ibrahim Kangi
Subject: Testimonial
Date: Jun 14, 2011 13:47

Hi Gurkamal



I just wanted to confirm that your horse racing and football tips comes highly recommended. I have tried a number of systems and tipping services in the past, but Horse Racing Consultants are second to none. Very good strike rates, winners upon winners and also more importantly the communication is very good. You are always available for advice and reply to information request very promptly, you guys are the best in the business and I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone out there.


Since joining your service last month, I have increased my betting bank by a country mile and I will no doubt be using your service for a very long time. 10/10



















































































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